Robert De Visee - Suite No 8 For Guitar In G - 3 Courante tab

SUITE IN E - Courante - ROBERT DE VISEE (1650-1725)

[transposed from Suite No 8 for Guitar in G]

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tuning - E A D G B E

  Q=100  3/2

E Q. E E E Q a Q. E Q. E Q Q Q. E||--0-|-0----0-----------------|---------------0-----2--|||o---|-0------4-2-0--2p0------|-------0-2--4--0--------|||----|-1--------------------2-|-1-----------------3----|||----|------------2----1------|-----2------1-----------|||o---|------------------------|---------------4--------|||----|-0----------------------|-0----------------------| H. Q H Q H Q Q Q
Q. E Q Q Q Q Q. E Q Q Q. E|------------0--2--4--|--------2-----------0-||-4----2-----0--4--0--|-2----2----2--3-------||-4------4------------|----------------------||---------------------|----------------------||----------0----------|-0------1-----2---2---||------------4--2--0--|----------------------| H E E Q Q Q H H Q Q
a Q Q. E a Q Q E E H Q E. S a Q. E H Q Q H|--------------------------|------------------------|---------------|||-3p2--2-----3-2p0--0--2-0-|-------0-----2-4p2------|----------0---o|||--------------------------|-3---------------3----4-|-4--------4----|||--------------------------|-------1--2------4------|-------4-------|||------1---0---------------|----4-------------------|----2---------o|||-------------------4------|-2----------------------|---------------|| Q Q H H Q Q Q Q H Q
E Q. E Q Q a Q. E H. Q Q Q||--2-|-2----2-4--5--7p5----4-|-4----------------------|||o---|-4---------------------|-5---------4---5tr4--7--|||----|-----------6-----------|------------------------|||----|----------------4------|------------------------|||o---|-2---------------------|-4---6--7--3------------|||----|-----------2-----------|------------------------| E H. Q H Q Q Q H.
Q. E Q. E a Q. E H Q Q Q Q|--------------------------|----------------0--||-5-------2-----4-5-4----2-|-2--------2--4-----||-------5-----------5------|-1--------------3--||--------------------------|-------------------||-4-------0----------------|-4--6--7-----6--4--||-----4-------2-----4------|-------------------| Q Q Q Q Q. E Q Q H Q Q
Q. E E E Q Q. E H. Q Q. E|-------------4----------|------------5----------||-4-----4-5-7-----5----4-|----------------7----5-||-4----------------------|-6----------6----------||------------------------|-----------------------||-2---0------------------|-4---0-----------------||-------------4----------|----------4-2----------| Q H H. Q Q. E H.
E E E E Q. E Q. E H. Q E E H E|-0-------4----2-2tr4---0-|-0----------------------|||---4-2-0-----------------|----------------5------o|||-------------------------|--------------4---------|||---------2---------------|------------6-----------|||-2--------------2--------|-----------------------o|||-------------------------|-----0------------------|| H H H Q W E
*************************************************************** Duration Legend --------------- W - whole H - half Q - quarter E - 8th S - 16th a - acciaccatura . - note dotted Duration letters directly above/below the note/fret number they represent the duration for. Duration letters with no fret number below them represent rests. Other Legend ------------ p - pull-off tr - trill | - bar || - double bar ||o - repeat start o|| - repeat end
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