Robert Earl Keen Jr - Raven And The Coyote tab

My first tab so go easy on me ;)Robert Earl Keen Jr. - The Raven and the CoyoteChords used: Bm G D A Eme-|-2---3---2---0---0|B-|-3---0---3---2---0|G-|-4---0---2---2---0|D-|-4---0---0---2---2|A-|-2---2---x---0---2|E-|-x---3---x---x---0|
Strumming pattern is like this Two downstrokes on the bass and upstroke the lower strings Intro: Bm G Bm G Bm G I've been riding all day long Bm G Through the wall of rain Bm G In the shadow of the mountains Bm G On the barren plains D A To my angel in the village Em Where a lamplight glows G D If the dogs there don't betray me A G No one will know Chorus: D A Ooh ooh the raven flies Bm G A Ooh ooh the coyote cries
This is the part after the first line of the chorus for any of you who want ite|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|--------------------|D|----------4--5------|A|--2--4--5-----------|E|--------------------|
Repeat through whole song
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