Robert Francis - Mescaline tab

			     	Mescaline- Robert Francis
Tabbed by: TDKshorty

Tuning: Standard
This is to the live version, sorry if it doesn't match up with the recorded version, 
I know there are two extra notes in between each sliding segment in the intro

He does the intro with a slide, but I find you can get the same affect but using your and picking from under the string and kind of snapping it (Turn your thumb so that its is facing you and pick underneath the string) *The notated E in the chorus is an octave up at the 7th fret The F7 can be played like a normal 7th chord but I believe he might play it this way
e--2b--5g--3d--2a--4e--2With the octave, just play a 7th and use your pinky for the octave (5th fret)
B mescaline F# G#m in the sun E B F# G#m you try so hard to find someone E B i used to be a hero E B blood on my saddle E B fighting every battle B F# G#m i used to be alone B you shoot up F# G#m then you go to class E B F# G#m its funny how nobody asks E B cause all your teachers love you E B everybody loves you E B everybody loves you F# G#m the same way that i do G#m F# E E G#m F# F#7 what a wonderful world that we live in E* your a lone disaster E your heart beats faster B F# when its with mine E* your a likely story E morning glory B F# on the vine E B there are holy ghosts F# G#m pushing past the tide E B F# G#m they let me know every time you cry E B your burning in some backseat E B burning in some room E B F# G#m burning is the one thing that you should know how to do C# (?) E B but i cant put out a fire when it looks like you B F# G#m you didn't do the same when i asked you to. Repeat chorus and end on B
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