Robin Pecknold - Where Is My Wild Rose chords

			     WHERE IS MY WILD ROSE - Robin Pecknold
Tabbed by: bengtaaron

This is a beautiful solo cover by Robin Pecknold, lead singer of Fleet Foxes 
(, of a song by New Zealand folk artist Chris Thompson --you can listen 
to the original here:

You can download this and Robin Pecknold's free EP "Three Songs" here:

The finger style is very basic travis picking.

Tuning: Standard (Capo 4)

Chords used (all chords relative to capo):

F - 133211
C - x32010
G - 355433
Am - x02210 / x02215 (listen for this voicing)

Intro: F (x4)

F C F CWhere is my wild rose
F C GWhere is my flower
F C F CWhere is my wild rose
F G AmWhere are you wandering now
Ramble you in Connemara Across that misty moor And does your heart beat loudly By Killarney's stony shore And do you bloom in Dublin I've enquired in Stephen's Green I've searched through Londonderry Twixt the Orange and the Green And as busy as they were They sloped arms for a while To muse on you with rich sweet brogue Red remembered with a smile They said you passed as a ghost Walks through the hazel wood Or Aengus searching for his love Walks through the hazel wood Where is my wild rose Where is my flower Where is my wild rose Where are you wandering now
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