Robyn - Show Me Love chords

E B D A (repeated over and over until 1 line in chorus)Always been told I got too much pride,
too independent to have you by my side, but my heart said all of you will see just won't live for someone until he lives for me, never thought I would find a love so sweet, never thought I would meet someone like you, well, now I found you and I'll tell you no lie, this love I've got for you could take me round the world, chorus Now, show me love. Show me love, show me life. Baby show me what it's all about.
E B C#m AYou're the one that I ever needed
Show me love and what it's all about. Alright Show me what you got, tell me what you can do, show me love, show me everything I know you got potential, so baby let me in and show me show me love...
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