Rocket Summer – Run To You chords

      Hey I know that this is a piano song but if you do this song finger picking style 
it sounds just as good.

I am gust going to give you the chords and you can make up your own finger picking method.

*****some of the words in the lyrics are spelled as best as they could be sounded 
of the way he sings them, so pardon for the spelling******

Key: Standard

intro: G Am Em (repeat)
G Am EmVerse 1: turn look look out and see
G Am EmDo you see me cause I think I see you
G Am EmIve been some other place
Gthe wind that I chase it all
Am Emjust leads back to you
Am EmRefrain: Oh how I'm still so still
G Amits overay but still I ran
Am Emi knew you when I was young
G AmBut what am I now That I'm a man
C GChorus: Run to you
Am EmI will run I will run
C GI will move right on through
Am EmAll these things that I have done
C Gand you'll take me back
AI don't know why
CI wanna say I'll never do it again
D Repeat intro 2 times but I can't but I will try. Repeat Verse 1
Am EmRefrain2: Oh how I miss what you miss
G AmBut I will fall time and again
Am Emand I will say that I am true to you
G Ambut I'm a cheat I don't understand
repeat the chorus untill you feel comfortable, or whatever the song calls for. hope that helped clear some things up if all of you were wondering how to play that! thanks guys
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