Rocket Summer - Walls chords

I play the song capo1 on guitar, because playing in C# on guitar can be really 
hard, and when I played it on piano, I just transposed it up a half step. 

Capo 1
Intro: C Am F 2x  
C Am FThe story of my life I can't quite comprehend
C Am FSo tell me if you know how it ends
C Am FWhen everywhere you go feels like a mirror maze
C Am FAnd you're not sure how you're stuck in this place
G AmAnd you've got nowhere else to go
Em FAnd you're lost within your own home
G AmYou're trying so hard to win
Em FYou keep trying, it's embarrassing
G AmAnd how you don't even know
Em FBut you know you're off the tracks
FAnd how did you get in here
GThinking, how did I get in here?
Am F C GI'll help you break the walls down
Am F C GI'll help you break the walls down
AmIíll bust you out
FAnd take you home
CBelieve you me
GYou are not alone
Am F CI'll help you break the walls down
C Am FDoes anybody know where February went
C Am FI was hoping that by now it'd be the end of this
C Am FBut when you open up a book and read a thousand lines
C Am FBut you don't really read, you just move your eyes
Prechorus, Chorus
F CAnd I know this is random
Am C F C Am C FBut just this morning I saw the sun reflecting off the lawn and window
Am F GOh, I dont know why but I thought you should know
Prechorus, Chorus
Am F C G Am FAnd all the weight that you carry will disappear
C G Am F C GAnd I will willingly embrace your soul you lay ahead
AmSo come on home
FCome on home
C GCome on home
Cont to end.
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