Rocket Summer – Tara Im Terrible chords

Intro: D G

Verse 1:
D G D GWe reminisce, thinking about the days we don't miss
D G Bm GHit the bottom when I fell, but oh well
D GAnd I could stay here stuck
D GThinking about the days of bad luck
D GI'll get lost in your voice
Bm GIt's an easy choice
Bm G And something in your smile says
D GEverything's gonna be all right
D G D GWasn't always this easy
D G Bm GIt wasn't always like it was today
D G D GWasn't always this easy
D GAnd I will hold onto this moment
Bm G D [Into Intro]This memory, so sweet
Verse 2:
D G What are your dreams?
D GTell me what they are, and I'll believe
D GAn angel without wings
Bm GTo the sweetest things
D GTo hear the songs we've sung
D GListening to how far we've come
D GThrough secret storms we've sailed
Bm GBut today prevailed
Chorus Bridge:
Bm G D A A#And Tara, I'm terrible for telling the whole world
Bm G A GAbout how you're so terribly tolerant of my crazy antics
* A# can be replaced with Em if its too difficult
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