Rocket Summer – Tv Family tab

The Rocket Summer - Tv Family  .written by Bryce Avery
Tabbed By Paul Welsford

This song totally rules! good song to play and sing to to impress around people who
don't kno much about The Rocket Summer. and there are too many people who dont kno about them
here in merry old england.

Well here it is. This is how i play it and it doesnt sound too far off.


most of these chords are just variations on the normal chords. most of the time its just
1 or 2 fingers being taken off or added.

E[--0---0----0---0-----0-----3------3-------3-------3------1---1-----0---3---1---0-B[--1---0----1---1-----0-----1------1-------1-------1------1---1-----1---3---3---0-G[--0---0----2---0-----2-----x------x-------0-------0------2---1-----0---0---2---0-D[--2---2----2---2-----2-----2------3-------x-------x------3---3-----3---0---0---2-A[--3---3----0---0-----0-----0------0-------2-------3------3---3-----3---2-------2-E[---------------------------------------------------------1---1---------3-------0- C Cmaj7 Am Am7 Asus2 Am7/g Fadd9/g Gsus2/B Gsus2/C F Fm Fsus4 G Dm Em
[-------------Riff 1--------------]-x--x--x--x------3---------3-------3-----------------------------------------x--x--x--x------1---------1-------1-----------------------------------------x--x--x--x---x-------x---------------------0--------------------------------x--x--x--x---3-------2--------x------------x--------------------------------x--x--x--x---0-------0--------2--------2-2h3--------------------------------x--x--x--x----------------------------------------------------------------- Fadd9/g Am7/g Gsus2/B Gsus2/c
4 times through Riff 1 VERSE 1 Riff 1 4times through BRIDGE Fsus4 Am7 Fsus4 but when i hate everything about the mean things that i say Am7 it feels like i mess up so much and i can only say Fsus4 G "i hate everything about my ways" C Am but you tell me im OK Dm Em F Fm and one day, one day i know you'll say, you'll say CHORUS Cmaj7 C "B im so glad you made it" F "oh well Jesus thank you so much for saying that" Am because the truth you know is that i have just been F Cmaj7 hating so many things i do C F but now i realize forever that you're my friend Fm Am no matter what you will never leave me to fend F i don't know much but i know we will be Riff 1 <-------------- Riff 1 played through as happy as a 195o's TV family twice for chorus except times infinity Play Riff 1 two more times and then go into VERSE 2 VERSE 2 - same as verse 1 only full chords played Riff 2 played in verse 2 played by another guitar
--12----12-----13-----13---15----15----15----------13----13-----13----------13----13----13------------------------------------------------ played 4 times------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
BRIDGE - play full chords CHORUS - play normally except when you get to the 'Tv family' part go straight back into the Cmaj7. Repeat 3 times. On Third time go back in to Riff 1 and play 8 times end on this chord
Well there we go. Any problems which you have found please dont hesitate to email me at L8r Y'all LIVE THE DREAM
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