Rocket Summer – Thats So You tab

Capo 1 stAll chords relative to capo C* C/B Am7 G4 Fmaj7 E7 (G#dim) D7 F9E -3---3---3--3---0---0-------2--3- All other chords are B -1---1---1--1---1---3-------1--1- normal.G -0---0---2--0---2---1-------2--2-D -2---0---2--0---3---2-------0--3-A -3---2---0--x---3---2-------x----E -x---x---x--3---x---0-------x----
C* C/B Am7 G4 It's a - beautiful day Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 G Now I'll be ok now that you're not away C*C/B Am7 G4 Yesterday was a terrible day Fmaj7 C F E7 (G#dim) But now that you're here I'm ok Cause, Am G C C/B Am you don't know how much I, I need you F G C G Please don't go Am G C You're so wonderful F G G4 This I swear, this I know [Chorus] C Am F G You, oh you, every single thing you do C I'm so proud of you Am What you do F G When you do the things you do C* They're so you C/B Am7 G4 Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 G (listen to song for rythym) Am7 D7 So thanks for your help F9 You shine so bright G4 You are the star that's in my sky Am7 D7 F G And I am yours and you are mine [Chorus] C Am F G C Am F G I'm so proud of you C That's so you
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