Rocket Summer - Movie Stars And Super Models tab

E 022100
C#m 046650
F#m 244522
A 002200 or 002220
B 024400

E How come my life ain't like this movie? C#m I should try to look some more like that. F#m A And maybe then I could be a movie star, C#m A E And maybe then you'd always laugh at my jokes. E Cuz life would be just like this movie, C#m and I would never feel alone. In fact, F#m A all the problems that I have would go away, C#m A and I would forget how to feel sad. A B Cuz this silver screen that I'm looking at E A A is making me a little bored of my life cuz A B its not what I'm looking at, E A A Cuz this has so much more of excitement, A B E A thrills, and adventurous things in every life. F#m B And a sparkle is the reflection in my eye. E A F#m A Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba. E A If only the shows were as real as the glows D then we'd never see the same, B but I guess we'll never know. E A F#m A Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba. E A Well they showed it, and we bought it. F#m B So you see it's not just me, its sweet - It's in the movie. E C#m She wants a better body and some super model moves. F#m A Cuz in her head she's always been the ugly one. C#m A Well hey, we think we're ugly too. E And it's true that we will never know C#m all of the things that she could have known. F#m A Well I wonder when she thought it was that she would win? C#m A Cuz man she got so thin. A B C#m E A B C#m Every now and then she would start to pretend like she was a star and in the E movies they're in. A B C#m But it's atrange cuz it seems E there's never happy endings. A B Is it make believe?
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