Rocket Summer - A Song Is Not A Business Plan tab

heyyy there

first tab :)
i think i did prettty danggg good.

Intro/Verse:E--x---x-x---x-x E--x---x-x-|B--x---x-x---x-x B--x---x-x-|G--4---4-3---4-4 G--4---4-4-|D--4---4-4---4-4 X3 then..... D--4---4-4-|A--x---x-x---x-x A--x---x-x-|E--0---0-2---2-0 E--4---4-2-|
Then the Pre Chorus
Chorus Chords B E I want to E G# that's a given but, G# I can't it imagine F# B the same way as you B E Oh you E know I'll never do G# F# the things they do just to make it For the "woahs" do the intro same for the second verse Bridge : "do you even know, what you're even saying..."
Then Chorus again email me if ya got any questions or comments or anything :D C YA!
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