Rocky Votolato - Dont Walk Out On Me tab

Don't Walk Out On Me
Rocky Votolato
tabbed by Jamison Kane

This is a song off of Burning My Travels Clean, if I'm not mistaken. It caught my ear
a few days ago and I decided to tab it out.

This song is tuned half a step down. It's a fairly easy song to play-- Rocky likes to
harp on the whole less-is-more thing, I suppose.

"I'm gonna start at the beginning..."
"You have been brought here..."
"I should be singing to earn my keep by now..."

C Am eb|--0-----0----|Bb|--1-----1----|Gb|--0-----0h2--|Db|--0h2---2----|Ab|--3-----0----|Eb|-------------|
Play this a few times over, adding the hammer-ons where you see fit-- as per usual, it's mostly improvisation in that respect. ---Chorus--- "No, I don't know anything about Bethoven..." "But it's hard..." "I guess my throat just can't carry the weight..."
F G C C7 Ameb|--1----3----0----0----0---|Bb|--1----3----1----1----1---|Gb|--2----0----0----0----2---|Db|--3----0----2----0----2---|Ab|--3----2----3----2----0---|Eb|--1----3------------------|
The F and G chords get held a little longer than the C, C7 and Am chords, which come quicker, in a more step-wise motion. Last time through, play F and G and then go back into the verse. ----------------------------------------- Questions? Comments? Hit me up on AOL Instant Messenger at jamisonlikewhat or via e-mail at!
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