Rocky Votolato - Wait Out The Days tab

Standard Tuning: Capo 2

Verse: D G When the memory is a blank page D A Bm And the teeth in your mouth are all cliches G Your heart is a bag of rocks Em A Bm And your soul is a pile of ashes on the sidewalk G There's an eagle scout project Em A Bm I used to come to to feel some kind of magic G D A D Now a story less - we'll wait out the days
Little Diddy:e|-------0h2-----------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------3---------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----2---------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---0-----------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus: D G Wait out the days D A Till death comes to claim Bm G Anything that life didn't already take D A D You can wait out the days Thats pretty much it. Lyrics taken from
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