Rod Stewart – Man Of Constant Sorrow chords

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Man Of Constant Sorrow chords
Rod Stewart (Dick Burnett 1913) *

D C G D 2x
C G D 2x

D CI am a man of constant sorrow,
DI've seen trouble all my days
CI'll say goodbye to Colorado,
Dwhere I was born and prob'ly raised
CYour mother says I am a stranger,
Dmy face you'll never see no more
CBut there's one promise darling,
DI'll see you on God's golden shore
C G D 2x D
CThrough this open world I'm about to ramble,
Ddry snow, sleet and rain
CI am about to rob the mornin' railroad,
Dperhaps I'll die on that train
CI'm goin' back to Colorado,
Dplace that I started from
CIf I'd knowed how bad you'd treat me,
Dhoney, I never would have come
C G D 4x * Alternate: Capo II C = Bb G = F D = C Set8
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