Rod Stewart – Julia chords


[Verse 1]
GHere's a song I sing for you about a girl that I once knew
GShe lived in a great big house with golden gates where servants bowed
CFor Julia
[Verse 2]
Em CUnashamed I'd sit outside and wait for hours
Em CHoping that she'd climb down from her ivory towers
Em C DThis beautiful girl as pretty as any flower had a hold on me
GUpstairs in my lonely room I would dream of being cool
CWith Julia
GI lived in obsessive bliss carefully planning my first kiss
COff Julia
[Verse 3]
Em COne day I was feeling awfully brave and asked her
Em CIf she'd like to come on a date, I just had to
Em C DShe bent down and gently kissed my face and said oh someday
G D Em D C AmOh my god how I loved this girl
G D Em D C AmBut no one ever said that love could burn
GWaiting by the phone for days for a call that never came
CFrom Julia
GBut love is cruel and has no wings but I still hear angels sing
CFor my Julia
[Verse 4]
Em CI remember being overwhelmed by her prettiness
Em CIf only she would look my way I might be in business
Em C DTo tell the truth she didn't even know I existed, Julia
GSummer took her pretty clothes, winter came in grey and snow
COh Julia
GAnd I found out she'd moved away, her best friend said to the north country
C Julia
[Verse 5]
Em CNow all this happened many years ago my friend
Em CRegrettably there is no happy end, oh no
Em C D GShe was 14, I was only 10, oh my Julia
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