Roddy Woomble - I Came In From The Mountain chords

Song: I Came In From The Mountain
Artist: Roddy Woomble
Album: My Secret Is My Silence

Intro: D

Verse 1:

D AMy dreams would change
Bm EmOver centuries
D AIf I had a thousand lives
Bm EmTo choose from
Bm ABut we don't change
EmWhat we don't see
Bm ABecause we affect each other
D AAnd I see between your eyes
D ALines of language
BmTo be taken along
Em G A DI came in from the mountain
Verse 2 (same chords): My fears would change Over centuries If I could choose a thousand lives To live from But we can't change What we can't see Because we affect each other Endlessly Chorus Bridge: D A D A Bm Em A G D Chorus (repeat last line twice) That's the whole song. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Andy ;)
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