Rodney Atkins – Farmers Daughter chords ver. 4

Sorry to all of you who have tried before, but this is how it's done ladies and gents.


Intro:e|---0--------------------------------------------------|B|---0---------------------4----------------------------|G|---1---------------------4----------------------------|D|---2-----------2---------4-------2--b4--b4--b4p2--2---| (2x)A|---2------2h4----4p2-0h2-2---2h4----------------------|E|0--0--2h4---------------------------------------------|
EWell I heard he needed some help on the farm
BSomebody with a truck and two strong arms
ENot scared of dirt and willin' to work
A'Til the sun goes down
ESo I pulled up and said I'm your man
BI could start right now and we shook hands
EHe said the fence needs fixin'
Eand the peaches need pickin'
Aand the cows need bringin' around
EYeah I was haulin' hay, and I was feedin' the hogs
Band that summer sun had me sweatin' like a dog
Aso I cooled off in the creek
A Bthen it was back to work in that daggum heat
EYeah I was cussin' out loud, and thinkin bout quitin'
Blookin back now I'm sure glad i didn't
ACuz just when I though it couldn't get no hotter
A BI caught a glimpse of the farmer's daughter
EShe was just gettin home from Panama city
Bshe was all tanned up and my kinda pretty
EWhen her eyes met mine
AI was thinkin' that I would sure love my job
Eas the days got shorter our talks got longer
Bthe kisses got sweeter and the feelings got stronger
Eso we'd hop in the truck, and get all tangled up
Aevery chance we got
EWe were down by the river all night long
Bwhen the sun came up I was sneakin her home
Aand draggin my butt to work
Bwith the smell of her perfume on my shirt
EI'd be on the tractor, she'd be on my mind
Bwith that sun beatin down on that back of mine
Ajust when I though it couldn't get no hotter
A BI fell in love with the farmers daughter
F#m AWe got married last spring
F#m AWoah there ain't no better life for me
EI'm still haulin hay, and feedin the hogs
Band this summer sun's got me sweatin like a dog
Aso I cool off in the creek
A Band she brings me out a glass of sweet ice tea
Eand I'm on the tractor and she's on my mind
Band I can't wait til its quitin time
Aand just when I think it couldn't get no hotter
A BI come home to the farmer's daugter
Repeat Intro The farmer's daughter
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