Rodney Atkins - Cleaning This Gun tab

cleaning this gun

rodney atkins

The declaration of independence
Think I can tell you that first sentence, But then I'm lost
I can't begin to count the theories
       C               G
I had pounded in my head that I forgot
            A                              G
I don't remember all that Spanish Or the Gettysburg address
              A                            G
But there is one speech from high school, I'll never forgot


D                A               G                 A
Come on in boy, sit on down and tell me 'bout yourself
        D                    A                 G                    A
So you like my daughter, do you now, yeah we think she's something else
She's her daddy's girl and her mama's world
       G                       D                       Em
She deserves respect, that's what she'll get, ain't it son
Now y'all run along and have some fun
      G                                  D          A
I'll see you when you get back, Bet I'll be up all night
Still cleaning this gun

Well now that I'm a father
                C                G                D
I'm scared to death one day my daughter's gonna find, 
That teenage boy I used to be
                        G                D
Who seems to have just one thing on his mind
               A                             G
She's growing up so fast it won't be long before 
I'll have to put the fear of god
Into some kid at the door


            A                                        G
It's all for show, ain't nobody gonna get hurt
              Bm          A                 G
It's just a daddy thing, hey believe me man, it works

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