Rodney Atkins - These Are My People tab

Intro: (C) (C/B) (Am) (G) (F) (C) x 2

Well we (C) grew up (C/B) down by the (Am) railroad (G) tracks 
Shootin' (F) b.b.'s at (G) old beer (C) cans 
Chokin' on the (C/B) smoke from a (Am) lucky strike 
(G) Somebody (F) lifted off of (G) his old (C) man 
We were football (C/B) flunkies 
(Am) Southern rock (G) junkies 
(F) Crackin' up the (G) stere(C)os 
Singin' loud and (C/B) proud to (Am) "Gimme Three (G) Steps" 
"Simple (F) Man" and (G) "Curtis (C) Low" 
We were good, ya know (C) (C/B) (Am) (G) (F) (G) (C)

We got some (C) discount (C/B) knowledge at the (Am) junior (G) college 
Where we (F) majored in (G) beer and (C) girls 
It was all real (C/B) funny ‘til we (Am) ran out of (G) money 
And they (F) threw us out (G) into the (C) world 
Yeah the kids that (C/B) thought they'd (Am) run this (G) town 
Ain't (F) runnin' much of (G) any(C)thing 
We're just lovin' and (C/B) laughin' 
And (Am) bustin' our (G) asses 
And we (F) call it all (G) livin' the (C) dream  

  These are my (F) people (G) 
  This is where (C) I come from 
  We're (F) givin' this life every(G)thing we've got and (C) then some 
  It ain't always (F) pretty (G) 
  But it's (C) real 
  That's the (C) way we were (C/B) made 
  Wouldn't (Am) have it any (G) other (F) way 
  These are my (C) people (C) (C/B) (Am) (G) (F) (G) (C) 

Well we take it all week on the chin with a grin 
Till we make it to a friday night 
And it's church league softball holler ‘bout a bad call 
Preacher breakin' up the fight 
Then later on at the green light tavern 
Well everybody's gatherin' as friends 
And the beer is pourin' till monday mornin' 
Where we start all over again 

Repeat Chorus 

  We (C) fall (G) down and we get up 
  We walk (F) proud and we talk tough 
  We (C) got (G) heart and we got nerve 
  (F) Even if we are a (G) bit disturbed 


Repeat Chorus
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