Rodney Carrington - Shes Seen A Lot Of Dick tab

                      SHE'S SEEN A LOT OF DICK  - Rodney Carrington


Tuning: standard

Back in 1932, in a sleazy bordello
G		        A		   D
Grandma' worked her fingers to the bone
While others were baking cookies,
D				       G
Grandma was selling nookie to lonely men, 
	A	     D
so they wouldn't be alone.
D      G		         A
They say she was the best lay, 
That's how she kept the rent paid,
         G		    A	         D
She's seen a lot of dick, in her day.
         G		    A	         D
She's seen a lot of dick in her day.
         G			A		      Bm
I said miles and miles of peckereth come her way.
G			      A
yeah she knew 'em, hell she blew 'em
	D		G
and for fifties she'd even screw 'em
               D	          A	  G
lord she's seen a lot of dick in her day
G       D
in her day..
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