Rodney Rude - Well Hung Plowboy chords

Title: Well Hung Plow Boy
Artist: Rodney Rude
Tab: Maniac1075
Parody of "Rhinestone Cowboy"

BHes been plowing the fields all day, Walking behind that bay,
F#And he thinks to himself "from behind shes a good looking horse".
ESo it's woo back under a tree,
And he waits while the horse takes a pee,
BAnd he lifts up its tail to make sure that its a she.
F#And he sees this huge vagina,
EAnd he thinks "what could be finer?"
F#So it's down with the reigns,
G BAnd down with the overalls, too.
B F# BHe's a well-hung plowboy,
F#Sneaking up on his horse and having intercourse.
B F# BHe's a well-hung plowboy,
F#And the smile on his horse proves it feels no remorse.
N.C He roots it with great force. [Riff 2]
BWhen he comes home from supper
N.C His wife says: "you're a horse fucker!
B F#I've been to see a lawyer just today
E And I want a divorce" ("why?")
N.C "Because you fucked that horse!
BI've been down the field
Watching you all day.
F#You were up behind that horse.
E BYou were pumping with great force".
BThe horse don't mind the pain, As he hangs on to its mane,
And he just stands still and says: N.C "Get up! Woo back!" (x7) [back to chorus]
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