Roger Alan Wade - Bear Loves Honey chords

"Bear loves honey" by Roger Alan Wade
from the Album "Stoned Traveler"

Eventually mistakes may be excused ;-)

I saw Mr. Wade playing this song with a cappo on 2nd fret, but I'm sure that this 
one also fits it, too.

Normal tuning


*start strumminge-----------2--------------------------------------------------------------b-----------3--------------------------------------------------------------g-----------2--------------------------------------------------------------d--4-4-2--0(0)-------------------------------------------------------------a--------------------------------------------------------------------------E--------------------------------------------------------------------------
DI love you more than a bear loves honey
G I love you more than a banker loves money
A (A, Bb, C)I love your cute little Whoop Dee Doo
DI work all day like a bar-old mule
GJust dreamin‘ of your Deedledum-Deedledoo
AI love you so much it ain’t even funny
AI love you more tha a bear loves honey
1st Verse:
GI know you know I love goin‘ fishin‘
DCast into the Cat-tails knowin‘ your wishin‘
G DMy rusty old truck is rattlin‘ down your drive
GBut I trade my old swiss-armee-knife,
Dbeer in the cooler and the bass on the line
A Djust to walk down Brainerd Road by your side
Refrain 2nd Verse:
GI know you know you deserve somethin‘ better
DThan a japanese car and an old german sheperd
G D One won’t run and the other can hardly walk
GBut I got a bunch of tickets for the lottery
DAnd if I ever get over this loosin‘ street
A DI’m gonna buy you a car that flies and a dog that talks
At least: Refrain 2 times Instrumental 1 time Refrain 1 time Have fun with this awesome song!!
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