Roger Clyne – Contraband tab

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

Intro: (Steve- Capo VII) A De:-----------------------|B:-3---3-3---3----3----3-|G:-2h4-2-2h4-0----0----0-|D:-----------------------| (a rough idea anyways)A:-------------0h2--0h2--|E:-----------------------|
A D Anything you want, that you don't need La cocaina, las armas, or the weed Como Villa, como Zapata, como Guevara, como yo I am Capitan of my own ship! Soy un pangero! E D I provide a little seen, little known, ma & pa, homegrown service to society F#m A E I got your spice at a very fine price, now...Choose your variety No radar, no runnin' lights, no radio The torches blinking on the shore tell when to come and where to go And I don't believe in the satellite, computer, GPS My faith is the horizon... My compass, my best guess PreChorus A D You name the time, you name the place, you name the contraband E A I will be there dark of night or light of day D I guarantee delivery by air, by sea or land A D A That's how I make a lot of easy money, baby...The hard way... Despite the bribes I pay my trade receives official censure "But it's not just a job," as the gringos say, no "It's an adventure!" PreChorus Chorus E D For every night I have run, I prefer the moon to the sun E D For every fight I have won, I prefer the knife to the gun E D A And any bridge I never burned, I never crossed, and every fight I never picked, I never lost E E-single strum We got a wild blue yonder, wild frontier - ain't we got the makings of a fine, fine career! Intro Shore to shore the sea I run 200 kiloMEters wide Keep your eyes peeled, head down, hand steady; throttle ready to run, then nowhere to hide The machete, the silence and the darkness are my friends Yeah I know I gotta a date with Fate, I know not where or when... PreChorus Chorus... we'll make a lot easy money, come on, we'll make a lot of easy money, baby... The hard way...The hard way You name the time, you name the place, you name the contraband } repeat x3 and fade out We'll make a lot of easy money baby...the hard way }
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