Roger Clyne - Better Beautiful Than Perfect tab

Better Beautiful Than Perfect
The Peacemakers
from David Cushman,
*Tabbed by Rich Goodwin*

Capo 2nd FretIntro C,F,G,F,G F,G,C...G7 trille:-~12~--12-12-12-12-10-8--5-7----5---7--8--7-5-3-1-0-0-0-0---7-----|B:-~13~--13-13-13-13-12-10-6-8---6---8---10-8-6-5-3-0-0h1-1----8----|G:-~--~-------------------------5---7---------------------------7-0-|D:------------------------------------------------------------------|A:------------------------------------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------------------------------|
C I run a little insurrection that moves in the direction that F G F G beauty is beauty in spite of perfection, F see the crosses at the roadside G C G7 the thorn bush is a blazing in bloom C Put your feet in the sand, a lukewarm beer in your hand F G F G momma let down your hair, F G yes, I chipped a tooth, no need to call home, C I don't have to be anywhere, Chorus: G We can hear the bossanova C we can sway the night away F the steps of the dance are best left up to chance G Better Beautiful then Perfect anyway C and while the moon wanes and waxes death and taxes F G F G are lurking out there F G Life is grand, love is real, C Beauty is Everywhere. And so the clear blue sky no, she never made a sound though she was blindfolded, gagged and bound now see the poppies pushin' up through the bones on the ground but the body's never found Chorus x2 G can you hear the bossanova? C let us sway the night away...
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