Roger Clyne - Sleep Like A Baby tab

Sleep Like A Baby
The Peacemakers
from David Cushman,
*chords by Rich Goodwin, David Armstrong

NO capo

The sun would shine upon my face 
if I could only slow this pace 
but I will not see the light today 
things to do and bills to pay 

Bm            D                     A
  In my dreams I will sleep like a baby 

Brother is that your rifle there? 
and do you know the man in the middle of the crosshairs? 
no I do not know my enemy's name 
so much easier to kill him that way 

Chorus x2

Cm               D
 I will take the long way home 
Cm               D         E
 I will take the long way.... home....

Harmonica solo (A diatonic)

The sap is rising in the trees 
and I will fall upon my knees 
'cause the songbird tells me as she sings 
machines will not make sweeter dreams 

Chorus x3
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