Roger Clyne – A Little Hungover You Live tab

			     A Little Hungover You (Live - from Billy Bob's bar)
- Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers
Tabbed by:  jason turpening

Tuning: Standard

Intro: the counts aren't correct but listening to it will get you what you need

first verse: ------------ E Oh, what a sin looks like I slept in B And I'm a gonna be a little bit late Bb B My therapy began again Bb B to mend my broken heart again A B E When happy hour started at eight A Now I don't keep score, no not anymore E You see I seen a slammin' door A time or two before B I know I'm gonna get through A B E I'm just a little hung over you… 2nd verse, same as 1st: ----------------------- Headaches and heartaches will end Bring me aspirin and friends A couple pills, a few laughs and a little bit of soul Then I'm back on the mend, back in the saddle again And I'm the winner of the barstool rodeo And when I hit the floor I don't cry anymore You know, I've seen a barroom floor a time or two before I know I'm gonna pull through I'm just a little hung over you…. (Chorus) A So barkeep won'tcha pick me E B the longest hair of that dog that bit me And pull his sharpest tooth A That'd be the highest proof E of your lowest grade booze A Yes, we sure had fun when I was her number one
e|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------5---------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------5---------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------5---------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------3---------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------5---------------------------------------------| E C/ABut now I'm standing' in number two
e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------2---2------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--------2---2---------6-5-4-~~~------------------------------------------------------|D|------1---1--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------2---2--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B9But now I'm changing my shoes A B EI'm just a little hung over you
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