Roger Clyne - World Aint Gone Crazy tab

World Ain't Gone Crazy
Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

For World Ain't Gone Crazy, the correct progression (as I hear it) for
the versus is C#m, G#m, A, E, A, (E), A, Bb, B
The 'I am A candle....', goes F#m, A, F#m, A, Bb, B
The 'We're A crooked little bloom....' goes, E, D#, C#, B, A, G#, A, Bb, B
'World ain't gone crazy....' is E, A, B
The bridge stays on the B from the chorus then A, then cuts back to the
reggae rhythm at C#m , A, C#m, A, C#m, A, F#m, A, B and then back into
the intro progression.

C#m  G#  A  Bb B
A    E   A  Bb B

C#m               G#
Turn your lights down low
A                    B
Take your skeletons out of the closet
 A               E
We can dance to Life with the Dead
A                        Bb          B
And answer every little voice in your head
Let me give my heart away
With a little bit of luck it'll break every day
Share me your pains so I may relieve them
Tell me your visions and I will believe them

I am a candle burning on the dark side of the moon
I am an anvil borne aloft your helium balloon
We're a crooked little bloom
Full of moon perfume
Ambrosia in a cup of clay
The World ain't gone crazy baby
It was born that way
She will offer no defense
Her embrace is a casual indifference
From a seed to a stem to a bloom
We're a warm little light in a cold dark room
Let me give my heart away
With a little bit of luck it'll break every day
Give me a smile, shed me a tear
We have everything to lose and nothing to fear
Oh, yes!
I guess it's true, I must confess
That somewhere not so deep inside
The gods and the devils run a roller coaster ride
Where the wrongs and the rights and the darks and the lights
All collide and coalesce
I don't need an answer
I don't care to guess
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