Roger Miller – Not In Nottingham tab

Not in Nottingham - Roger Miller
from the Disney cartoon 'Robin Hood'

Tabbed entirely from scratch by Oliver Lockwood (
Many thanks to my good friend Juliette Blum whose musical ear wrote down most of the chords for me.

Intro (play twice)
      (on second run through start singing at end)

high e |--------------2-----0-----| B |-----2--------------2-----| G |--------2--------2-----2--| D |--------------------------| B |--0--------0--------------|low E |--------------------------| 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Ever- y
Then start a-strumming. Listen to the song to work out the strumming rhythm. A A7 Every town D Has its ups and down A Sometime ups E E7 Outnumber the downs A A7 But not in Nottingham D I'm inclined to believe A E If we were so down A E We'd up and leave D We'd up and fly if we had wings for flyin' E Can't you see the tears we're cryin'? E7 Can't there be some happiness for me? A Not in Nottingham Outro: A (strum a few times) A6 A A7 (once each) D (strum a few times) D5 D D7 (once each) A (strum a few times) A6 A A7 (once each) E (strum a few times) E7 (once) (pause) E7alt E6 E A (once each) (makiong that last single strum of A a slow one to finish) Chords: A x02220 A6 x02222 A7 x02020 D xx0232 E 022100 E6 022120 E7 020100 E7alt 022130 D5 xx0235 Hope you enjoy playing this as much as I did spending an afternoon tabbing it! This is my first tab, so please don't rip it to shreds (!) but all feedback is welcome. The ending bit isn't perfectly true to the song but in the film it changes to church bells and an organ, and this version sounds OK to me. Oliver Lockwood
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