Roger Taylor - Baby Its Alright tab

Roger Taylor/The Cross- Baby Its Alright (Edney)
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Tabbed by Richard Sadler (

D                G
I could be your lover
D               G
I could be your friend
D               G
It's one or the other
C                G
Or is that where it ends

D                G
'Cos I never see you
D              G
And you never call
D                G
I want to be near you
C                G
To hold you that's all
C               G
Be there if you fall


D            F#m
Baby it's alright
G                             A
For the first time I could be strong
D                    F#m
I need you near me tonight
Must be the right time
                  A                      D
How could it be wrong? How could it be wrong?



D                G
You gave me my heartache
D               G
And you give me my blues
D                  G
I'm here in your doorway
C                G
I got nothing to lose
C               G
And cryings no use

Solo follows verse progression

Bm	                     Bm/Bb                    
if you should decide honey you need a love thats good 
Bm/A		   E		                 G    D   A   D
it aint about pride, it aint about manhood and baby, its alright

Fades on

D-G progression
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