Roger Waters - Sea Shell And Stone tab

For apples&oranges. Thanks for the kind words.
This sequence is also used on Breathe.

Picking patterns:

Dmaj7 GE|2-----2-----2-----2-----| |3-----3-----3-----3-----|B|--2-----2-----2-----2---| |--0-----0-----0-----0---|G|----2-----2-----2-----2-| |----0-----0-----0-----0-|D|0-----0-----0-----0-----| |------------------------|A|------------------------| |------------------------|E|------------------------| |3-----3-----3-----3-----|
E AE|0-----0-----0-----0-----| |------------------------|B|--0-----0-----0-----0---| |2-----2-----2-----2-----|G|----1-----1-----1-----1-| |--2-----2-----2-----2---|D|------------------------| |----2-----2-----2-----2-|A|------------------------| |0-----0-----0-----0-----|E|0-----0-----0-----0-----| |------------------------|
Watch out for the switch to D instead of Dmaj7 near the end. At times the Dmaj7 and G share a bar between them e.g "Search for the gold" Dmaj7 G Sea shell and stone E A Surf rushes forward to feel the shingle with fingers of foam Dmaj7 G Search for the gold E A Over the landscape the mouth of a lifeline unfolds Dmaj7 G Smooth and round and brown E A See how the sunshine creeps over thistle and down Dmaj7 G Hillock and hump hummock and clump and mound E A I feel a lump see a bump hear a bold bulbous sound Dmaj7 G Hollow and valley and shadow and dimple and hill Dmaj7 G Glisten and glimmer and shimmer and sparkle and still Dmaj7 G A Sunlight is warming the land before your eyes... D G And the sunrise is on your side D G A D And the sunshine is on your thighs... Dmaj7 G Lady of stone you are alone Dmaj7 G Lady of stone you are alone
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