Rogue Valley – Bay Of Pigs chords

Capo on 3rd

“Bay of Pigs” by Rogue Valley

G C/G x3

G C/GI’m trying to leave you alone
G C/GBut deep into my head you roam
GLike a sick buffalo
C/GSeparated from the herd
Em C/GLooking lost at every turn
G C/GYou’re following the migration
GOf geese, and the grizzly bear
GI think you’re gonna fly away
C/GSleep until the ice is melted
EmTo come out from your cave
C/GWoozy and out of shape
EmOh not quite as brave
C/GAs when you once escaped
D C/GDon’t stay gone on account of me
Em C/GPride’s a foolish belief
G C/GI’m keeping tabs on myself
GWatching what I say
C/GWatching my health
GIt’s impossible to reconstruct
C/GSomething that was always broken
Em C/GHollow bones eventually will bring you back
D C/GWe’re all free to make our own mistakes
Em C/GSo, don’t take mine away
No, don’t take mine away
DDoubt crept up on its own
AmLike frost bite in the cold
EmLike hunters in the snow
C/GWith only phantom tracks to follow
DFrom the bay of pigs
AmDeep into my head
And underneath my ribs
EmYou find a way inside
You find a way inside
C/GYou find a way inside
You find a way….
G C/GI’m waiting for the flying V
G C/GTo return
GI think I’m gonna find a cave
C/GAnd sleep for 10,000 days
Em C/GSleep for 10,000 days
Em C/GJust sleep for 10,000 days
Em C/GSleep for 10,000 days
Em C/G
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