Rogue Wave - Be Kind Remind tab

MAIN RIFF|------------------------------------------------------||---------0------1p-----------5---------3--------------||-------0--------------0------0---------0--------------||-----------------2p-----------------------------------||-----------------------------3---------2--------------||---3--------------------------------------------------|
better learn how to run before you walk, babe Iím with you for a while natureís been good, oh really follow you down the path toward the seals, babe the beach is broken glass you canít have everything please be kind and remind I wanted to run with wolves and the horses while youíre home on the range just one is good for me please be kind and remind INTRO/VERSE: main riff A A D C CHORUS: Em C main riff Em C Main riff
|----------------------------------------------------||-----5--5------3---3--------0-----------------------||----------------------------0-----------------------||----------------------------------------------------||-----3--3------1---1--------------------------------||----------------------------3-----------------------| Ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh
Once youíve got this, you should be able to figure out how to play the song. Anything tabbed follows the same chord patterns. Iíve been trying to figure out this song for a while, this is pretty much a tab of this tutorial:
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