Rogue Wave - End Game Acoustic tab

Artist:	Rogue Wave
Album:	Out of the Shadow
Song:	Endgame (Acoustic)

I have not included the strumming pattern since it's essentially constant.  This is 
for people who know the song.  The tab sections are provided above the lyrics.  I have 
chord names relative to the capo.

Tuning: Standard
Capo: 1st Fret

A F#m Bm E7e|--0---2---2---4--|B|--2---2---3---3--|G|--2---2---4---4--|D|--2---4---4---2--|A|--0---4---2---2--|E|------2----------|
A Bm D F#m|--0---2---2---2--||--2---3---3---2--||--2---4---2---2--||--2---4---0---4--||--0---2---0---4--||--------------2--|
I donít mind if you treat me badly I donít mind if you got no love to give
* * A E7 Dm OR Dm|--0---4---5--| |-1-||--2---3---6--| |-3-||--2---4---7--| |-2-||--2---2---7--| |-0-||--0---2---5--| |-0-||-------------| |---|
I donít mind... just say whats on your mind You will find that the road just gets harder Signed dotted lines will cling to you like a tax Love is blind... when words are hard to find
G Gmaj7/F# D Dmaj7 Bm F#m|-------------------------------------2--||-----3-----3----3-----3-----3-----3--2--||-------------------------------------2--||--5-----4----------------------------4--||-------------5-----4-----2-----2-----4--||-------------------------------------2--|
Iíll be lonelier tomorrow I know itís got to be you Iíve bitten off all my nails I know itís got to be you
F#m F#m/maj7 F#m7 B7|--2-------2-------2-------2--||--2-------2-------2-------4--||--2-------2-------2-------2--||--4-------3-------2-------4--||--4-------4-------4-------2--||--2-------2-------2----------|
Do you want to wait For six years of your life to pass by?
D A D A|--2---0---2---0--||--3---2---3---2--||--2---2---2---2--||--0---2---0---2--||--0---0---0---0--||-----------------|
All the magazines are Hustler And all the melodies sound the same If I let this disc go by,
Then Iíll be a monk
A F#m Bm E7|--0---2---2---4--||--2---2---3---3--||--2---2---4---4--||--2---4---4---2--||--0---4---2---2--||------2----------|
And nothing else matters... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I should note that it is possible to interweave the following motif with your strumming:
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +e|--------------------------------|B|--0-2-0---------3-2-0-----------|G|----------------------1---2-4-2-|D|--------------------------------|A|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|
Have fun, and if you have any questions/corrections, my email is above. Thanks!
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