Roky Erickson - I Have Always Been Here Before tab

EADGBe tuning and nothing fancy throughout the song...

A | F#m | Bm7 | D

Chorus just changes order
D | Bm7 | A | F#m

Verse 1:
It seems like a bell rings, time for deja v;
Everything is familiar, being here with you.
All you've ever had before, you've had to understand;
Now all you have to do is want, to have at your command.

I have always been here before,
Allowing my minds call of no love,
Incorporate more never stops it's flow,
I have always been here before.

Verse 2:
That that is pleasing, that that is real,
That that is forever keeps filling never filled,
That that snuck upon you in the night,
That that you remember in an early child of life,
That that was supposed to have frightened you,
but somehow you never took to fright.


Verse 3:
From the gargoyles to stonehenge,
From the sphinx to the pyramids.
Lucifers temple praising the devil rise;
To the devil's clock; it strikes midnight.

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