Roland Van Campenhout – Buddy Is Holly Im Going Insace tab

			     Roland van Campenhout - Buddy is Holly, I'm going insane
Tabbed by:Benbenben85


Roland van Campenhout (also known as Roland) is a belgian blues musician who recently
an album together with Tom van Laere (from Admiral freebee). This is a beautiful song from
1971 album called Buddy is Holly (also featured on his compilation album Day by Day, 
by Blow, which is a must-have!)
Check out his website at: and his page in the Belgian
and Rock archive:

A-A    E-E x 2

A      E  	  D	  A	    A
When I first woke up from darkness, realised what I could do
A      E  	  D	 A	   A		  Asus4
Stumbled down the insane goldrush, then I fell in love with you

D				   A			         E
I was dressed in rags, you wearing lace so fine, I wanted you so near
D			     A		    E
I was drunk at times just to cover my fear, oh yeah

A        E    D	  	 A	  A
When you said you didn't want me, do you want me now?
A        E    D	  	 A	  A
When you said you didn't need me, do you need me now?

D			          A		     E
Now I've sold my soul, I couldn't find a goal in her place
D			        A		      E
When I took you smile, 'cause I needed you just for a while.

Instrumental break

A          E           D	  A	      A
Left side, right side, uptight or downstream, any place will do.
A        E        D	        A     A
    Asus4    E
Drunk on booze or stoned on the lose, nothing in the world is new.

D			      A			      E
When the game is over and the work is through, let me be with you
D		       A		              E
To make up tales about rabbits and whales and whisper them to you

A - Asus4 - A x 3
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