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From:   Simon Biela []
Sent:   Thursday, January 08, 1998 12:00 PM

Song:   Always suffering
Artist: the Rolling Stones

So, here's the next song of the "Bridges to Babylon" album of the
Rolling Stones. I named the chord E(?) because nobody can tell me what
the right name of the chord is, but it sounds right. You can hear how to
play the chords fairly easy.

Have fun !
Simon Biela / Germany

D(sus2)e |---|---|---|---|B |---|---|-3-|---|G |---|-1-|---|---|D |---|---|---|---|A |---|---|---|---|E |---|---|---|---|
E(?)e |---|---|---|---|---|B |---|---|---|---|-3-|G |---|---|---|-1-|---|D |---|---|---|---|---|A |---|---|---|---|---|E |---|---|---|---|---|
Always Suffering By Jagger/Richards [A] [Dsus2] [E?] [Dsus2] [E?] [A] [A] [Dsus2] [E?] [Dsus2] [E?] [A] Let's take a [A]walk Just you and [Dsus2]me And talk of [E?]days [Dsus2]gone [A]by Across the [A]fields under the [Dsus2]trees Let's speak of [E?]you [Dsus2]and [A]I While the [E?]whole [Dsus2]world Was [A]wandering We [E?]walked a [Dsus2]steady [A]line When [E?]all our [Dsus2]friends Were [D]wavering We kept on [E]trying Now we're [A]al[D]ways [E]suffering [A]Al[D]ready [E]lost [A]Al[D]ways [E]suffering [A]Al[D]ready [E]lost Remember [A]when On summer [Dsus2]days I would [E?]sing a [Dsus2]lovers [E]song How you would [A]smile Shower me with [Dsus2]praise And the [E?]sun [Dsus2]shined [A]on Now the [E?]rain is [[Dsus2]falling [A]slow And the [E?]nights [Dsus2]grow [A]long And the [E?]train Cries [Dsus2]out so [D]hauntingly She is [E]gone Now we're [A]al[D]ways [E]suffering [A]Al[D]ready [E]lost [A]Al[D]ways [E]suffering [A]Al[D]ready [E]lost Please take these [A]flowers Smell the [Dsus2]perfume Let your [E?]soul [Dsus2]come [A]alive Let there be [A]hope Hope in your [Dsus2]heart That our [E?]love [Dsus2]may [A]reviiaiaiaive For [E?]life is [Dsus2]but a [A]chance On a [E?]wind [Dsus2]swept [A]hill And the [E?]seeds of [Dsus2]love Are [D]swirling above Let them be [E]still Now we're [A]al[D]ways [E]suffering [A]Al[D]ready [E]lost [A]Al[D]ways [E]suffering [A]Al[D]ready [E]lost || [A] [D] [E] :| until fade out P.S. Please sent me some e-mail ( if you like it or think that something is wrong.
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