Blinded By Rainbows tab with lyrics by Rolling Stones - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Rolling Stones – Blinded By Rainbows tab


Tabber: Mord_Wraith
Date: 9/30/2004

Tuning (low to high): EADGBE

Chords used:

G        320003
D        xx0232
C        x32010
C*       x32013
Em       022000
Dsus4    xx0233


     G       D       C               G       D

Verse: G Did you ever feel the pain C That he felt upon the cross Dsus4 D Did you ever feel the knife C Tearing flesh that's all so soft Em C Did you ever touch the night Em C Did you ever count the cost Em C* Do you hide away the feeling Dsus4 D Put down paradise as lost Chorus: G D C Yeah you're blinded by rainbows G D C Watching the wind blow G D C Blinded by rainbows Em Do you dream at night? Do you sleep at night? C I doubt it . . . --- The chords in the verse are picked and the chords in the chorus are strummed. Listen to the song to figure out the rest.
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