Rolling Stones - Tell Me tab

       Tell Me (you're coming back again)- Jagger\Richards
       From the album THE ROLLING STONES released 16th April 1964

       use a capo on the second fret for Keith's 12 string

 Intro:  A-Asus4-A-asus2-A X2

 A-asus2-A     E(sus2)        A-asus2-A    E
 I, want you back again, I, want your love again,
 C#M        D            E7               A     
 I know you find it hard, to reason with me
 C#M                 D         B7              E
 But this time it's different, darling you'll see

 You got to tell me you're coming back to me
 tell me you're coming back to me
 Tell me your coming back to me
 Tell me you're coming back to me

 You, said we're through, before
 You walked out on me before
 I tried to tell you, but you didn't want to know
 This time you're different,and determined to go...CHORUS

 BREAK: A asus2 E X2, C#M D E A C#M D B7 E7

 I,wait as the days go by,
 I,long for the nights to go by
 I hear the knock on my door, that never comes
 I hear the telephone, that hasn't rung

 CHORUS X2, fade over A F#M D E7

 The A chord in the first line
 of the verse is alternated
 with Asus2, as is the E chord 
 (here accomplished by hammering on the
 fourth fret of the fourth string)
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