Rolling Stones - The Worst tab


Tabber: Mord_Wraith
Date: 10/5/2004

Tuning (low to high): EADGBE

Chords used:

D        xx0232
A/D      xx0220
Asus2/D  xx0200
D/F#     200232
Asus2    x02200
A        x02220
E        022100
G        320003


     D         A/D           D/F#            A   Asus2

D A/D Asus2/D E
Verse: D G Well, I said from the first D A Asus2 A D/F# I am the worst kind of guy G A E For you to be around D G Tear me apart D A Including this old heart D/F# That is true G A And never ever let you down Chorus: A D A D You shouldn't stick with me A D A You trust me too much, you'll see --- I posted the chords; just improvise the notes on the chords, and have fun doin' it!
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