Rolling Stones – Going Home tab


The Rolling Stones
Album : Aftermath, 1966

Verse 1:
E                 A      E
Spending too much time away
E              A       E
I can't stand another day
E                     A        E
Maybe you think I've seen the world
E               A      E
But I'd rather see my girl

       A             D                 A               D
I'm going home, I'm going home, I'm going home, I'm going home,
           A                                   B7                     E
I'm going home, bown  bown  bown  bown  Ba Ba bown  bown   bown back home !

Verse 2:
E                  A      E
All those letters everyday
E               A       E
Maybe allright in their way
E                A        E
But I'd love to see your face
E               A          E
When I get home in their place


Solo on verse's chords


Verse 3:

E                       A      E
When you're thousands miles away
E              A       E
I just never sleep the same
E              A        E
If I pack my things right now
E               A      E
I'd be home in sevens hours


Yes I will, Yes I will, I wanna see my girl..... I just can't wait, etc

Comments by salmon philippe (tab writer):
This song should previously last about 3 minutes, but in the studio,  when the end of 
song came,they kept on playing and made an improvised jam session during 8 more minutes...
for a total song lasting 11 min 17 sec (unbielivable in that time )
Here is the 3 minutes song, for the jam, listen to the reccord....
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