Rolling Stones – You Better Move On chords

E B7You ask me to give up the hand of the girl I love
E You tell me I'm not the man she's worthy of
E7 A AmBut who are you to tell her who to love?
E B7 That's up to her, yes and the Lord above
E B7You better move on
E B7Well I know you can buy her fancy clothes and diamond rings
E But I believe she's happy with me without those things
E7 A Am Still you beg me to set her free
E B7Well my friend that will never be
E E7You better move on
A E E7Now I don't blame you for loving her
A E E7But can't you understand man that she's my girl
A E E7and I ..., I'm never, never, ever gonna let her go
A F# B'cause I, yeah yeah, I love her so, oh oh oh
E B7I think you'd better go now I'm getting mighty mad
EYou ask me to give up the only love I ever had
E7 A AmMaybe I would, oh but I love her so
E B7I'm never gonna let her go
EYou better move on
B7 You better move on
E You better move on
B7You better move on
E You better move on
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