Rolling Stones – Backstreet Girl tab

rolling stones- flowers

well here's backstreet girl, off the album flowers. in the G of "I don't want you...."and every other 1st and 3rd line, play it like this:e------2-------------------|b--------3-----------------|g--------------------------|d--------------------------|a--------------------------|E--3-----------------------|
it's kinda like a g on the top, and a d on the bottom.Am7: you to be hiiiiiigh e-----0---------------| b-------1-------------| g---------------------| d---------------------| a--0------------------| E---------------------|
D: I don't wante-------2---------------|b----------3------------|g----2------------------|d--0--------------------|a-----------------------|E-----------------------|
Am7: you to be downe--------0------------|b-----1-----1---------|g---------------------|d---------------------|a--0------------------|E---------------------|so those are the finger pickings. here's the chords now that you know how to pick 'em.
anyways, here we go. [G] I don't want [Am7]you to be high [G] [C] [G] [D] I don't want [Am7] you to be down [G] [C] [G] [G] Don't want to [Am7] tell you no lie [G] [C] [G] [D] Just want [Am7] you to be around [G] [C] [G] [Am] Please come right [Am/C] up to my ears [E7} {Am} [Bm] You will be [C] able to [G] hear what I say [D] other verses: Don't want you out in my world Just you be my backstreet girl Please don't be part of my life Please keep yourself to yourself Please don't you bother my wife That way you won't get no help Don't try to ride on my horse You're rather common and coarse anyway Don't want you out in my world Just you be my backstreet girl Please don't you call me at home Please don't come knocking at night Please never ring on the phone Your manners are never quite right Please take the favors I grant Curtsy and look nonchalant, just for me Don't want you part of my world Just you be my backstreet girl
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