Rolling Stones - Following The River chords version 2

Following The River 

G C G CThere's something I should tell you, why don't you sit there in that chair
G Bm Em A DYou're looking good today I love the way your comb's tucked in your hair
G C G CMy cards are on the table but the drinks have all run out
G Bm Em A DThere's been some other lads in this room with me we're really quite a crowd
G C G CIt's hard to break it gently but I really thought it through
G Bm Em A DI don't think there's much future left for me and you
D7Me and you
G F C Am C FI've been following the river til it joins hands with the sea.
C G Am D G I've been thinking of you so bad cause you always saw the best in me
You'll probably forget me and I'll fade back in the bar Just a face disappearing without trace I'll be lost I'll be lost One day I'll hear some laughter in a out-of-town café I'll be reaching for your number I'll be calling out your name Calling out your name Chorus
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