Rolling Stones - Shine A Light chords version 1

C Cmaj9Saw you stretched out, in room ten o-nine,
Am GWith a smile on your face, and a tear right in your eye
F COh, couldn't see, to get a light on you
G F CMy sweet honey love
C Cmaj9Berber jewelry, jangling down the street,
Am GMake you shut your eyes at every woman that you meet
F CCouldn't seem, to get a high on you
G F CMy sweet honey love
C GChorus: May the good Lord, shine a light on you
F C Make every song you sing, your favorite tune
C G May the good lord, shine a light on you
F C Warm, like the evening sun
CWell you're drunk, in the alley baby
Cmaj9With your clothes all torn
AmAnd your late night friends have leaved you
GOn the cold gray dawn
F CJust seemed too many, flies on you
G F CI just can't, brush them off
C Cmaj9Angels beating, all their wings in time
Am GSmiles on their faces, and a gleam right in their eyes
F COh, thought I heard one, sigh for you
G FCome on up now, come on up now,
C GCome on up now, come on up now,
[Repeat chorus until the end] For the solo's, just play play the chorus over the notes. Well, that's pretty much it. My first submission, so rate and comment with any corrections.
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