Rolling Stones – Jigsaw Puzzle chords

B AThere's a tramp sittin' on my doorstep
F# ETryin to waste his time
B Awith his mentholated sandwich
F# EHe's a walking clothes line
B AAnd here comes the bishops daughter
F# EOn the other side
B AShe looks a triffle jeolous
F# EShe's been an outcast all her life
F#Me, I'm waiting so patiently
A BLying on the floor
AI'm just trying to do my jig-saw puzzle
BBefore it rains anymore
Oh the gangster looks so frightning with his luger in his hand when he gets home to his children he's a family man but when it comes to the nitty-gritty he can shove in his knife Yes he really looks quite religious He's been an outlaw all his life (chorus) Oh the singer, he looks angry At being thrown to the lions And the bass player, he looks nervous About the girls outside And the drummer, he was shattered Trying to keep up time And the guitar players look damaged They've been outcasts all thier lives (chorus) And as twenty thousand grandma's Waving thier hankies in the air All burning up their pensions And shouting, "It's not fair!" There's a regiment of soldiers Standing looking on And the queen is bravely shouting, "What the Hell is going on?" With a blood-curdling "tally-ho" She charged into the ranks And blessed all those grandma's who With their dying breaths screamed, "Thanks!" Me, I'm waiting so patiently With my woman on the floor We're just trying to do this jig-saw puzzle Before it rains anymore
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