Rolling Stones - Casino Boogie tab


Tabber: Mord_Wraith
Date: 9/28/2004

Tuning (low to high): EADGBE


E|---5-5---3-3-------------5-5---|B|---2-2---2-2-------------2-2---|G|---------------7b9-9r7p6-------| play twiceD|-------------------------------|A|-------------------------------|E|-------------------------------|
Verse: A No good, can't speak, wound up, no sleep A Sky diver, insider, skip rope, stunt flyer D A Wounded lover, got no time on hand A One last cycle, thrill freak, Uncle Sam D A Pause for business, know you'll understand D A Judge and jury walk out hand in hand --- There's no chorus because I don't think this song has a chorus. The intro is played with two guitars, but I only tabbed one. The D and A chords are standard blues chords; listen to the song to see how they're played. The chord hit just before the saxophone solo is an open G.
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