Roman Candle – Winterlight chords

This is a very basic outlining for acoustic. Since there are no direct guitar chords in 
this song, i found some that go well with it.
So with this and some of your own ingenuity, i'm sure you can find a way you like to play it.

Standard TuneChords:C x-3-2-x-1-x-|F1 x-3-3-2-1-x-|
F2 1-3-3-2-1-1-| Fm 1-3-3-1-1-1-| G 3-2-x-x-x-3-|
C F1 CMonday evening sun is shining, stripes of lightcome through the blinds across
F1 the floor.
C F1Walking down the sidewalk (mister?), Christmas wreathes are hanging out from
Cthe liqour store.
F2 GPretty soon, that old muddy snow out on the way is going
F2 Gto turn into June, and folks will start thinking about their wedding day.
C F1Those holly leaves on the doorway girl, are just as green at Christmas
C F1as they are in June
C F1and it might be a little rough to the touch, but that's the kind of
Cloving i want to give to you. F1
G C F1So where do we go when we're feeling like we're leaving all the places
G C F1that we miss so much? When we're looking for a summer and a steering
G F2 Fmwheel that's too hot to touch? cover up tight.
C F1 C F1you've got a winterlight.
And then you rinse and repeat for the rest of the song.
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