Romance On A Rocketship – Skin And Bones chords ver. 2

Romance On A Rocketship
Skins And Bones
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Key: F#

Tuning: EADGBE

Chords used:
F# -  244322
C# -  x46664
Ebm - x68876
B -   x24442

Thisis 100% correct!!!
capo is not needed in this song!!!

Intro: F#-C#-Ebm-B-

F# I know I'm nothing
C#but skin and bones
Ebmbut I sure think
Byou're beautiful
F#With your long long hair
C#and your big blue eyes
EbmI've been thinking about
Bmaking you mine tonight
(Repeat) Verse 1:
F#Hush your lips I'm
C#about to speak up
EbmIf I talk real slow do you
B F#think you can keep up with me
C#This time am I out of line?
EbmI'm trying to be a gentlemen
Bso please don't make me ask again
F#Yeah i got a lot of nerve
C#for coming after you
Ebmbut you're the only thing that's
Bon my mind so whats a boy to do?
F# C#Let me keep this short and sweet
Ebmyou're the prettiest thing
Bthat i ever did see
(Repeat Chorus) Verse 2:
F# C#Don't let me go if I'm dangling
EbmHigh above the world
Bwhere the angels sing
F# C#Back it up let's turn
this train around
EbmLet's get this party hopping
Btil we're shaking the ground
F#When the ground starts shaking
C#I'll be there to hold you tight
Ebmdon't worry about a thing cause
Beverything will be alright
F# C#Let me keep this short and sweet
Ebmthere's not a lot I wouldn't do
Bto sweep you off your feet.
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
F# C#Don't let me go
Baby please
Ebm Bdon't let me go
F# C#Don't let me go
Baby please
Ebm Bdon't let me go
(Repeat Chorus)
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