Get In Line chords with lyrics by Ron Sexsmith - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ron Sexsmith – Get In Line chords

Ron plays it with much more twiddly bits and also with a capo on 3rd fret but this 
is the (very) basic chord structure so apologies if its wide of the mark. i had to 
work it out myself

the verses and chorus then follow same chord structure
C FHeavy clouds all hanging around
G CAnd the sun refuses to shine
Am FIf you're bent on bringing me back down
G CBetter get in line
C F Something I said has got you so mad
G CYou wanna give me a piece of your mind
Am FIf you intend on making me feel bad
G CYou best get in line
FIt's a long line
EmIt's a long line
F CIt's going out the door
FYou'll be waiting in line
EmA very long time
Am GTill your feet are sore
Whatever I do I'm doing it wrong And if you feel the need to remind me Of a world that's long gone Take a number and wait in line It's a long line It's a long line Going round the bend You'll be waiting a long time It's a very long line I can't see the end Heavy clouds all hanging around And the sun refuses to shine If you're bent on bringing me back down Better get in line Never meant for your flowers to wilt Or to sour all your sweet wine If you mean to shower me with guilt Better get in line If you're crying over milk that spilt Well take a number and wait in line You better get in line
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